Sunday, February 26, 2012

visit to the great white north

last weekend I went to visit my Lee!!

he decided to move his USMLE exam back about 2 weeks and is now taking it on March 12th... and I decided there was no way I could go two weeks MORE without seeing my husband and that he could use a small break from the studying :)

his hair is longer, his muscles bigger (push ups apparently are his normal study break), and his brain is crammed with even more knowledge... but other than that he is still the same husband as he was when he left on January 3rd.

 the one and only picture we took that weekend..... and not exactly one of our best.
a hair cut is in order as soon as this crazy exam is over.

I did get a picture of myself out in the snow though to prove that I actually was in Canada.
It snowed SO much...

 It seriously looked like this when we left Canada and like this when we got to Ohio, notice we aren't even wearing coats!

My Mom made the 10hour trip with me :) and when we stopped for dinner (at a delicious Amish buffet) we saw this guy and needed our picture with him... I think he's actually smiling at the camera!

Also, I want to share this video with you, my sweet husband wrote this song for me for Valentine's Day and sent it to me!  and then I went to see him and got to hear it live.  I am one lucky lady! 

P.S. Hi Stephanie :)


Bethany G said...

Wow. What an adorable video!! So glad that you got to see him :)

Kensi said...

awwwww, so sweet!!

-STEPHANIE said...

Hi Kels. :)


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