Sunday, March 4, 2012


Life really gets in the way of this blog.
and I can't help but feel like I don't have much that worthwhile to blog about... but I know later on I'll wish I had blogged more about this time of our lives.

Lee officially changed his USMLE test date to March 12th.
He was signed up to take it on February 29th, but the luxury of being a January start at SGU is that the students have a little extra time after 5th term before they begin clinicals in the spring/summer.... so he could easily delay the most important exam of his life a couple weeks.  And he got a few weeks off at Christmas before the study marathon began.
I tried to ask Lee for a few tips or pointers that I could share with others preparing for the USMLE, but I guess we'll wait to see how the actual exam goes before we'll start dishing out advice ;)
One thing is that he mentioned is the practice tests out there.  He wishes he had taken a practice test a couple weeks earlier than he did so he'd be able to better gauge his progress and/or what areas he was weak in.  He's taken 2 practice test, other than the one all the students take at the end of term 5, and I believe he is taking another this week.
He's currently draining his brain this weekend doing as many practice questions as humanly possible in a day.
I would say he studies around 14 hours a day.

enough about him... he'll probably complain or say I didn't say something properly anyway (hi Lee)

I am still loving my job.  Lee says that I just get attached to things and people easily... but I really love these kids.  5th graders.  Not quite as obnoxious as teenagers, but have great personalities and can carry on interesting conversations... and still think that the new teacher is cool.  I can't help but pick out my favorites... and I can't help but take on the hurt in a lot of their lives.  In a class of a hundred and some 5th graders there are kids dealing with a whole range of issues from homelessness, recent death of a parent, divorce, learning disabilities, living in poverty, and we are expecting them to be able to perform on a state standardized test.  Some days I would rather give them a hug rather than drive the formula for circumference into their brains.

But what do they say?  Education is the way out or something like that?

Which leads me to my next point.... I've seriously been considering going back to school.
and not as the teacher.... for social work.
A school social worker to be exact.

Would that be perfect?
Yes I think so.  I think that after 24 years I may actually be finding my calling in life.
God led me to Grenada and then to this job in the school so that I would see that I really do love working with children and that my passion is truly for the poor and those needing a voice.

Prayers are accepted while I weigh my options of master's programs, be it online or at a school in Michigan (prayers accepted to us being placed there as well!!) and the whole full time/part time bit because I most definitely need to continue working until my Lee finishes medical school.

I figured if I'm going to do it, I better do it now because let's be honest.... as soon as Lee has that MD behind his name this girl is having a baby :)

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