Tuesday, November 29, 2011

chasing waterfalls

I'm suddenly so sad that Lisa Lefteye Lopez died.
It was in the Caribbean wasn't it??
anyway. enough sadness around here.

I went with Amber and Stephanie to Annandale Falls last week.  Amber had never been! crazy!
It is so beautiful.  I wish I had taken my mom there now... (ugh regrets)
This was the day we hated played with the monkey too.

We were hanging out swimming in the water when one of the guys starts throwing some food in and we see like 100 fairly large fish popping up eating it. gross.  I did NOT know there were fish in that water. haha.
But I still continued to swim.
It was a beautiful day and I'm so happy I got to spend with my two beautiful bestest Grenada friends.

I like this picture because it was freezing and Stephanie is so short!!! haha.  This picture exaggerated it I'm sure... but why are ALL my friends so short?  


Catching Up With The Connolly's said...

I want to go here! Im so sad our time won't overlap in Grenada! Why couldnt Kevin be in Josh's term!!!!

Amber said...

Hahahha! I love that last picture of you and Stephanie so much. THAT DAY WAS SO MUCH FUN! miss you but yes those fish were creepy. stupid fish!


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