Monday, November 28, 2011

no love for the monkeys

I've found out that I really don't like monkeys.
Every time I've been around them here in Grenada I'm squirming. 
They are freaking weird.
I decided that since this is my last few weeks in Grenada I'd let one climb on my head... and he was a teeny tiny baby named Jack.  How bad could it be?

 This bad.

I managed to force out a smile for the camera... but I may have said something like "I'm going to puke!! get it off of me!"

But check out Amber & Stephanie:

They LOVED him!
eesh. thankfully this one thing I can check off the bucket list and never re-live.


Amber said...

Haha that was such a fun morning!

Lea Liz said...

Ah they are so cute!! I think I would feel the same way about them though as you!!
At least you can say you have had a little monkey on your head :)


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