Wednesday, September 7, 2011

an update on Lee

Let me take some time to brag on my husband if you will.

My Lee is the most dedicated, hardworking, reliable man I've ever met.
He keeps me grounded, sane, and nice.
Without him I would be never be rational.... and I like to think that in turn I keep him from being too serious and too rational...  sometimes you've got to do something crazy and sometimes you need to keep your head on straight and look at the future.  We've totally got that balance. 

Lee is in his 5th term of medical school now.  5th term is no easier than any of the other terms if you've heard the rumors like we did that it is.  There are about a billion drug names that he needs to know what they are used for, side effects, and lots of other information that I can't even begin to think about without feeling overwhelmed.  And he has other classes that I don't even know about....And he has the USMLE in the back of his mind constantly and squeezes in practice questions to prepare for the biggest exam of his life whenever he can.

Once a week he goes to the local hospital or clinic and see's patients to get experience.
Monday he was in a walk in clinic so he got to see and diagnose a wide variety of patients and he loved it!  I'm so proud when he comes home with all these stories about how he diagnosed these people's problems and new exactly what treatment method they should use.  He's becoming a real doctor, can you believe it?

On top of medical school he is still the President of the Christian Student Association.  Our church is growing and flourishing!! We've had close to 200 people in services recently.  Lee stays really busy with meetings and planning things for CSA and he is also a worship leader and leads the music about once a month and does amazing if I do say so myself :)
Along with that he is also leading a men's small group Bible study once a week.  They had 20 guys the other night! not that small of a group huh?  Lee is so excited about encouraging the men in our church to step up into leadership roles and continuing on after we leave.  It's going to be so hard to leave our church behind...

As if that wasn't enough Lee is also on the advisory committee for the charity UHP (Urban Humanitarian Project) which was started by IEA (the honor society at SGU which Lee is ALSO a part of)
This term he is helping plan the Wii Olympics, a huge Wii tournament on campus, to raise money for the famine in Somalia, Mt. Gay Psychiatric hospital here in Grenada, and for UHP's initiatives with children in inner city New York.  Last term they raised something like $80,000EC!  The tournament is October 8th so they are busy planning and seeking donations from local businesses.  Should be a good time, I can't wait!

AND Lee is on an intramural basketball team.
AND he volunteers with me whenever he gets the chance. 
AND he has a wife waiting at home for him expecting meaningful conversation and quality time.  Praise ye the Lord I'm not the needy type or am miserable in Grenada or we'd have a situation on our hands.

eesh.  Are you tired just thinking about his life?? He wakes up early early, is off to school by 7:15 and usually arrives home around 10.   He studies allllllllllllllllllllll day.  I don't think anyone who hasn't gone through medical school or has been living with someone in medical school could  ever, ever understand. 
I'm sick of trying to explain to people how busy he is or how necessary it is for him to be studying constantly. 

We've come to the horrible, awful, terrible decision that Lee should go to his parents house from January - March to study for the USMLE.  No one outside of our SGU community is going to understand the need for him to have like 14 hours a day of uninterrupted studying time... and he just isn't going to have that at my parent's house with me.  Our house is small, my sister and nieces are also living there right now, and my parents have satellite internet which kinda sucks.
And when I try to tell people that no he can't just go to the local library to study they think I'm nuts.  My parents live in the middle of  NO where. 30 minutes to the closest library. It's going to be January. January in Ohio isn't optimal driving weather and Lee won't have a car or car insurance. The Library isn't even open from 7-9 which is what he'd like to be studying.
I can't go with him because I need to be working (Mamas don't let your babies grow up to marry foreigners)  So we'll be back to long distance. again.

k I'm done ranting.
funny how this started out all sweet and positive and turned so quickly.
this medical school stuff better be worth it.


Bethany G said...

Oh my goodness.
You've got yourself a good hubby! But, that stinks SO much that you have to be separated for that period of time :-( I know, your guys' hard work will definitely pay off though! Praying everything works out for you guys!

Rachel said...

I am sorry you have all this pressure. Once, ya'll get out this storm it will all be worth it, but during the storm just hold on and pray. haha. I have had huge life changing events this year too.

I work full time and am trying to get my masters.
Plus my husband is a pastor. He recently quite his secular job to do that full time. OMW, let me just tell you that it is stressful! But I know someday it will be worth it. We will eventually both be doing our dreams comfortably after all this hard work and struggles.

Keep your head up. And lets meet up when you get back to Ohio. I live 10 min from g-ville. :)

Kay said...

Speaking of the USMLE, I work for a branch of it. =) One of my jobs is for the branch of USMLE that foreign medical graduates have to go through for the clinical skills exam.

Let me know if he needs a pep talk or tips on how not to freak himself out or anything! I'd be glad to pass along a few pointers!

Marisa said...

Andy just took the Step 2 CK TODAY and I'm so freaking excited to have him back in the land of the fun. We went to his parents' cabin in northern Wisconsin for him to study. While I went to bingo, rug hooking, church, shopping, played solitaire, learned to knit, went boating, went to concerts, and went snorkeling with Andy's mom, he studied from 10 a.m. to 4:00 a.m every day. (He keeps different hours than Lee, clearly) Even his mom would beg him to come to lunch or bingo and we'd say NO!!! People also kept asking why he couldn't go back to Milwaukee to study at my parents house or his parents house. My parents house has satellite internet (because it's cheap), and his sister and three nieces all under age 12 live there. And for the past week he has been going to work for 12 hours a day before coming home to study. Leaving a trail of messes throughout the entire house as he goes along. And its like, random note cards, flash drives, computer cords, etc. that I have no idea where it goes so I just leave it there. I'm so glad he gets to clean it up now. But now that he applied for residency, I see a light at the end of the tunnel. Finally. Next year he'll have an INCOME! It's worth it, Kelsey, just wait!

Marisa said...

Oh, and 4th year there are NO TESTS during clinicals. Fun time all year long! (Not really, but more fun than last year when I was in Wisconsin and he was in Michigan studying for oral and written exams every month.)

Amber said...

Lee is one of the most hard working people I've ever met you tell people that! This was such a sweet blog I hope you showed him.

And not only does he volunteer but he does it enough and cares enough that the kids LOVE him. I mean let's face it Shanika would sell you in a heartbeat to go home with him. She'd put on her Miss Kelsey wig and totally steal him from you if she could lol.

Yay Lee! And yay for you because this was super sweet of you to do for him. PS i LOVEEEEEEEE the new blog layout!

-STEPHANIE said...

Love the post! You are sooo right. No one can understand it unless they are living it. And Marissa, that light at the end of the tunnel seems so small right now!!!!

Allysha said...

Girl, it'll so be worth it!! Just keep it up, you are doing a wonderful job being the amazingly supportive wife that you are. Best of luck to the both of you!! Please excuse how rudely I posted without introducing myself :) My name is Allysha and I'm from Vancouver, BC, Canada. My boyfriend is currently in Grenada in his first term at SGU and I began reading your blog (religiously) when he applied to SGU and have been following your blog ever since. It is so nice to see how well you two are making it work with all the obstacles in your lives. It really gives me hope that we can get through this too. Keep blogging! :)


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