Saturday, September 3, 2011

Back to School Beach Party!

I am happy to say the Limes Back to School Party was quite successful!
We didn't have quite as many kids as I was expecting... but it was a great amount, around 26 or 27. They were so well behaved I was shocked, not that they are bad kids... but they were great on the walk, in the water, eating lunch, and there weren't any complaints in the passing out of the school supplies!

The only thing that didn't go quite according to plan was that we were about a half hour behind schedule.  The volunteers met in the Limes field and...... there were no kids.
I may have panicked a little.  I thought oh no!  I asked for all these volunteers & told them to prepare for maybe 40 kids and there are NONE.
But slowly but surely they started crawling out of the woodwork a few from every direction.  I realized that a lot of these kids probably don't have access to a clock - no watch, phone, computer.... some of them don't even have electricity in their homes, so who am I to ask them to be somewhere at 9:45?  and they are Grenadian after all... time is relative.

waiting in the heat.
the kids using Lee for the shade he provided :)
the bags with school supplies and lunch boxes!

Thank you everyone for your help!!!
I can't wait to get started with Limes on Tuesday! 

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Sarah D said...

This makes me so happy to see! I am sure the kids loved having a beach day and all those fantastic bags/ school supplies. Thank you Kelsey and all the volunteers for making this happen!!


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