Friday, August 5, 2011

foods I've only just discovered

I have become so adventurous in my eating!  My Dad is so proud. and so is Lee.

Last week I actually went to the fresh fish market in St. George's and bought fish.
straight from the ocean!
my friend Stephanie was along with me and took some pictures to document the experience b/c I didn't have my camera (which I am having serious issues with... :( the underwater one is done. broken, again.  we'll have to send it back again b/c it's still under warranty.  and my cannon is just old, probably 3 or 4 years old and it's slowing down and not focusing and the button sticks and blah blah blah)
anyway.  I'm borrowing Stephanie's pictures.

I got Mahi Mahi or Dolphin as they like the call it in Grenada.  I'm not sure how much weight it was, but it was enough for 2 dinners for Lee and I and it was only $11EC and I gave the guy who cleaned it for me a $3ec tip. 
It was delicious!  Lee cooked it for us... I have yet to cook fish.  For some reason Lee thinks this is his domain.  whatever.  I don't like the smell.

Other things I have discovered recently :

  • Jamaican beef patties - where have I been?  why have I not know about these until now??  and suddenly they are everywhere. and cheap! and delicious! they even sell them at Texaco. who knew.
  • Cheese rolls at IGA Bakery - ok remember my obsession with the Indian lady on campus' cheese rolls.  Her's have nothing on IGAs.  only $3 and big enough to fill me up for lunch.  It's like a cinnamon roll, but with cheese instead of cinnamon. heavenly.
  • Pizza at IGA - they sell pizza by the slice at IGA.  I didn't realize this either.  I think the first year I was here I just avoided the bakery b/c it would get me in trouble... but they have great stuff!

    Is there anything else that I am missing out on??


Hockey Wife said...

Hey! I found your blog through FTLOB's All Abroad group. I haven't linked up yet (not a huge fan of backlinks) but I wanted to say a quick hello! I just got done looking at your past headers and they are so cool! I absolutely adore the Christmas shot, sooo cute! Can't wait to read more about your adventures!

Marisa said...

What are Jamaican beef patties? Are they like hamburgers but with special seasoning?


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