Thursday, July 7, 2011

Sunset City

This week Lee and I were able to catch two amazing sunsets, one at the beach and one at the pool.
I absolutely love being in the water at sunset.  The air starts to get cooler & the water feels warmer.  I love the reflection on the water & the warmness of the colors.
It is so beautiful.
We need to take more advantage of this!

 I merged two pictures we took together & edited it in picnik. you know I love picnik.

and these were taken the night we stayed at the University Club a little illegally past dark with our friends Stan and Natasha. sshhh.
it was gorgeous, so it was worth it.

I'm looking forward to many many more sunsets :)


Anonymous said...

Lovely pictures my dear :)

Lea Liz said...

Beautiful pictures!! I absolutly love the picture you merged of you and Lee, that is awesome!!


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