Friday, July 8, 2011

revisting some favorite spots

Since there has been a new wave of friends on the island I have been introducing them to some of my favorite places nearby.
Yesterday we explored the conch shell graveyard (read more about here in a previous post) and then wasted a few hours on Grand Anse beach searching for sanddollars and enjoying the beautiful day.

Today we went to one of my very favorite places, Magazine Beach to snorkel. I've written many a blog posts about Magazine Beach read about them here)  It has the BEST snorkeling!
Today was another beautiful day, including the rain that came up and soaked us!

 raindrops on the water


Kensi said...

have you been to snorkel at Happy Hill beach yet? If not you should! There is a wall of coral that drops down like 20-30 feet... it is amazing!

Kensi said...

hey Kelsey, you take the main road going out of st. georges... past the fish market... and just keep going, and you will eventually see (like 20 min. maybe) signs for Happy Hill school and med center. You will come to a large blue or green electrical box on the left...turn by that and then the beach is off of that road down these really steep cement steps..someone walking by can point you in the right direction. after you get to the beach go all the way down to the left side of the beach and the good snorkeling spot is surrounded by buoy markers around it. you should be able to catch a reggae bus there... I highly recommend!

Vivian said...

I wouldn't think of a better place to go to school than Granada. BEAUTIFUL! The question is how can he concentrate with so much beauty around you??? I guess the motto should be work hard because just around the corner you get to play hard, huh! Glad I found your blog :)


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