Friday, June 17, 2011

broken record

I'll say it again. I'm sick.
and as embarrassing as this is...... I think I sprained my wrist playing one of those clapping, slapping games with the kids at QE on Monday. you know, where you say the rhymes and clap?
yea. so one of the cutest little guys convinced me to do the game at super sonic speed and I agreed and we were flying along...... and bam. pain shot through my wrist and I had to stop.
and the pain hasn't left.
since Monday!

and it's officially the rainy season here in Grenada.
non stop rain the past 3 days.
rain that blows in the windows... so I go around closing them all. and then it gets too hot.
so I open the windows and 10 minutes later the rain is blowing in.

I am in a exceedingly better mood though.
working my way back to loving Grenada.

I've found that I love & appreciate it so much more when I go out and do stuff.
sitting at home, Grenada sucks. it's hot and rainy.

yesterday I taught my art class & then went to  visit a family in the Limes neighborhood & on my way I passed 6 children I knew & they all asked when we'd be starting class again. & that made me smile.

today I walked over to the store & saw my friend Shereen and another guy I know.
it's nice to feel like you know people and this is your community. you know?
rather than sitting inside watching American TV all day & feeling sad about missing out.

but I'll admit I've been here almost 2 weeks & haven't set foot in the sand.
I need to fix that!

1 comment:

C said...

The Beach! I would like to go to to the beach.

I'm glad you're starting to feel better about things.

In reference to one of your other posts, I'm pretty sure they'll notice if you try to smuggle children back to the states when you leave... just saying. =)


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