Sunday, May 15, 2011

Kayaking at La Sagess

this week some friends and I went up to La Sagesse Beach for the morning/afternoon.
It is such a beautiful beach, I've blogged about it a couple times before...
but this was the first time I went kayaking there, and it was an experience! ha!

our mistake was me, Vanessa, and Megan all got into 1 kayak.  It was built for 3 people, but it was insanely unbalanced. we weren't even off the beach before we flipped over, and luckily we did, it was our practice run.
we get out (way too far into the ocean for my comfort actually) and my entire body was clenched trying to balance this boat against the coming waves and we flipped again!! ah!!!
Megan and I were terrified of sharks!  there aren't really sharks in Grenada, but if there were they would be on the Atlantic side of the island, where we were!
we scrambled to flip it over and climb back in (no easy feat) the kayak and our other friends Ashley and Emily paddled over and I climbed into their boat because their's seemed more stable, and it was 100x better.

overall it was beautiful ride and the waves are really fun when your boat isn't flipping over :)

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Torie Jayne said...

What a beautiful place, looks like fun!
Have a sweet day!


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