Tuesday, May 17, 2011

exams are over, for now.

This past week Lee has his final in Microbiology and his 2nd set of 'midterms' for Pathology and CPD.
Yesterday he finished the grueling week of exams and then was back to class this morning & had a presentation to prepare last night!
this medical school stuff is no joke.

I did however get him all to myself for most of the day though :)

We had a picnic lunch on the beach, went swimming, and just hung out for a few hours with no cares in the world other than getting sunburnt.  It was amazing.
Came home and had a nap, which we both regretted later, we're not ones for napping, throws off the day and the nighttime sleep schedule, but it was nice while it lasted.
Then went out to dinner at De Big Fish.  It was our first time there & it was great!! We went for a goodbye dinner for the members of the CSA worship team.
My favorite parts of dinner were no surprise to me, the garlic bread and the french fries! I should learn by now to just order sides & I'll be happiest!  Lee had Mahi Mahi (which I love now too) and it was delicious.
The restaurant is right on the water and we were there at sunset.. just a nice atmosphere and we had great company too.

After dinner I also convinced Lee we needed ice cream to eat while we watched a movie :)
We watched Thor..................... and I loved it!! the main guy, Thor is hilarious. If you must watch a super hero movie with your husband, I pick this one.

And today here I am.... sitting at home alone, getting ready to go babysit for 6 hours while Lee slaves away in the library some more... because Path is killer & they started nutrition today... ugh.  back to life.
I can't wait for July!!

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Cat said...

Aww so glad you got to spend some time with him! He's working so hard for your little 2 person family!


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