Tuesday, May 17, 2011

give blood.

today I got to experience giving blood in a 3rd world country.

it was started out to be as horrifying as you'd imagine.... but it turned out to be a rather great experience.

A lady I know found out that she is super ill and in need of blood, I happened to have the same blood type, so off I went.

You go to the Grenada General Hospital, a hospital on a mountain beside a 300yr old fort.

The Phlebotomy lab was in an old building, up a super sketchy set of stairs (where was my camera?!) and in a small room with no air conditioning.  It was at least 90 today.
At first I wanted to run, literally. 
Visions of fainting and AIDS popped into my head..... but the nurse was super nice and put me at ease (even after I stepped on the scale and got a shock)
She used brand new, very sterile needles and was honestly the greatest phlebotomist I have ever had (I've probably given/had blood draw around 10x)  and at the top of my waiver form in big letters it said IT IS 100% IMPOSSIBLE TO GET AIDS FROM DONATING BLOOD.
I didn't feel the needle go in or out.  No pain.
I filled my bag quickly and easily while enjoying hearing the local ladies gossip about who was on Oprah today.

Then the bad part came.
Vita Malt.
Its the drink they gave me after I gave.....
the most disgusting thing I've ever put to my lips. 
and I had to drink it, I needed the sugar & the "vita"
I've actually seen people walking around Grenada drinking this stuff like they like it.

If you're in Grenada please, please consider giving blood.  They said they are always in desperate need, and I personally know one woman who is right now.
And remember her and her family in your prayers tonight.


Natalia Lynn said...

My husband loves vita malt! I can't stand the stuff for sure! And I will keep your friend in my prayers!

C said...

I have never given blood. Primarily because every year since I've been 18, I've gotten a tattoo and you're not supposed to give blood within a year of getting one.

Even then though...seems like it would require quite a bit of bravery...needles and all.

Good on you, you're a brave soul!

Anonymous said...

Vit Malt is delicious


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