Monday, May 2, 2011

chomp, chomp, chomp

that's the sound of my computer being eaten by a virus.
:( boo.

I'm in the libarary at the University so good news is that there is always a computer to use even when mine doesn't work.... but it does feel a bit silly to be on facebook and blogging in a room full of stressed out medical students. haha.
whatever.  I've got blogging to do!

I would like to say a huge huge huge thank you to my precious husband who spent hours and hours of his super valuable time to work on fixing my computer. Hours that he cannot afford to lose.  He has midterms and a final next week!  So we finally kinda just shut the computer off and will deal with it whenever I locate a Windows 7 Installation CD.

I have a lot of blog about!!

Limes Beach Day
Leather Back Turtles laying eggs
finishing 2nd in the 5k race

I'll catch up soon.

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