Saturday, April 30, 2011


As we all know I love
and a favorite blog of mine is giving away a free premium membership!!
mine expired on my birthday :(
and I want to win!!
So I'm shamelessly blogging about the giveaway to get a chance to win. win. win.

my blog header was made using Picasa and Picnik and it was so easy!
& you know I like to make lots of blog headers... :)
and picnik has been tagged 7 times on this blog.

If you've never been to my other blog [Kelsey Inspired] then you should.  right now I'm totally obsessed with all things Royals. and I made this header too. duh.


-STEPHANIE said...

Will you please teach me to make beautiful headers like yours when I get to Grenada in June if I haven't figured it out by then!?!? :)

Amber said...

Can we vote for you to win? :)


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