Tuesday, May 10, 2011

be careful what you wish for...

remember when I said something along the lines of wanting Lee to examine me and test me for illnesses.
I got my wish, 10x over.

Today he has his CPD practical exam and so we spent hours last night going over everything and practicing.
after 3 hours I was completely exhausted! haha

He had to do vital signs, eyes, nose and sinus, mouth, head and neck, thyroid, cardiac, lymphatics, arterial, and probably something else I'm forgetting....
and guess what happened when I woke up this morning?? MORE tests!

There is so much to remember!!
I'm glad I actually got to help though. I held the answer sheet, quizzed him, and let him poke and prod me. 

word of caution though : if your medical student spouse ever wants to test your femoral artery with a tourniquet, run away screaming.
not only did it hurt and I thought my leg was going to fall off... but he also may have muttered something like "wow you have big legs"
not cool.
and then he said that the tourniquet was actually meant for an arm. no wonder it was so tight!

anyway, I also found out that my feet are typically hotter than my legs (poor or good circulation I don't remember) I am legally blind without my glasses, I have low blood pressure, and I absolutely hate having something inside my nose and ears...

My reward though was seeing him walk out the door this morning dressed up with a tie, his doctor kit with his initials embroidered on the side, and his white coat :)
Dr. McDreamy anyone?


Amber said...

HAHAHA i love the run away screaming part. what a good wifey you are! i always tried to take it from josh and do it instead. i wanted to be the doctor lol!

when lee gets that A though it will be all worth it. :)

Marisa said...

Haha! I am also legally blind without my glasses; Andy has described my bowel sounds to me; I have low blood pressure; and my heart murmur is the subject of frequent fascination.


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