Tuesday, May 10, 2011


you heard right there is now an entire website dedicated to the absurd and crazy things that could only happen here in Grenada.
and I'm pleased to say that one my TIGs has been posted on the website too! haha

hats off to the medical students who created this website!!

here are a few of my personal favorites.

Tonight, the bus driver hit an opossum twice, in forward and reverse. He got out and dragged it to the side of the road so that he could retrieve it later for his manicou stew. TIG.

Today, I got a ticket for having an expired piece of paper (a.k.a Island driver's license). When I asked how to get to the court, the officer told me to drive into the city and ask someone on the street. TIG

Today, I was late for lab because a herd of goats held up traffic on the highway. TIG.

Today, I waited in the clinic for 5 hours to have the doctor tell me that I needed an MRI for my knee. There are no MRI machines on the island. TIG.

Today, I ordered a salad at Glovers. They said they didn't have salad, so instead I ordered a blackened chicken sandwich. It had cucumbers, tomatoes, and lettuce on it. TIG.

Today, I saw an empty box of girl scout cookies in the trash can and nearly cried. I'll never be able to get those at IGA. TIG.

Today, NY Bagels ran out of bagels. TIG.

Today, I used exclamation marks in all of my notes because I thought it would make them more exciting to learn. TIG.

hahahahahahahahaha. these are so funny. and probably only funny to those who have spent time in Grenada..........

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Kevin and Julie's Blog said...

ha ha, they have one for Newcastle also. I cant find the website though at the moment. I saw it on Facebook. Its funny to compare the 2. :)


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