Wednesday, March 23, 2011

puppy heaven

Lee's beloved little doggie Molly was put to sleep today.
His family had her for years (14? not sure)
she developed a lot of tumors in her mammary glands and was old and in pain.

She wasn't the nicest or the best dog, but she was loved.
you couldn't pick her up or she'd bite.
& she'd steal the trash from the bathroom

I have some fond memories of time spent with Molly last summer
walks around the block (ok maybe a total of 3 walks)
letting her out to pee thousands of times
cuddling on the couch
and almost getting bit when I tried to shut the dishwasher...

at least she was cute.

 taken over 5 years ago.
hanging out in the background.
Christmas 09. 
 & side note, whoa Lee really has lost 50lbs since starting medical school... good job babe!

we love you Molly!

1 comment:

Nicole said...

It's so hard losing a pet. I lost my 4 year old basset hound, my 18 year cat, and my other 5 year old cat all in a year and a was awful.

She looked like such a cute little dog :)


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