Wednesday, March 23, 2011

just beachy

Oh I love the beach.  I am  trying to make it my goal to go at least twice a week. should be easy right?? When Mom was here I just realized how much I take the fact that its down the street for granted.  I need to go MORE!
we spent at lot of time at the beach. not so much in the water, but a lot looking at it :)

 day 1, Grand Anse Beach!
sunset on Grand Anse
 University Club - LAE
 Lance Aux Epines Beach
 La Sagesse Beach
Magazine Beach
Sunday BBQ on Grand Anse Beach

 and our last day on Grand Anse Beach


Kevin and Julie's Blog said...

It is so beautiful! I want to be there already!

lauren said...

okay. i am trying really hard to not hate you. REALLY hard. :) my dad lives in st croix virgin islands so i've been down a ton. kind of crying in my coffee right now over how bad i want to go noooowwwww. :)how fun for your mom! and yes when you have someone visit-- it always helps you remember how cool your own home is! :)

MrsMiller07 said...

PLEASE don't take that beautiful beach for granted, if you do I'll gladly partake in it's beauty for you! So glad you got to spend time with your mom!


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