Monday, March 28, 2011

pulling my hair out.

no big deal.
ignore me.
just having a not so great day.
I really, really miss America.

and Lee's in 4th term.
the worst term ever. and it's only starting! we're only at his 1st midterm. his 1/3term exams.
I never see him. he's never home.
and that makes me even grumpier.

I feel frustrated and overwhelmed (and underwhelmed at the same time ?) and annoyed and every little "Grenada" thing is making it worse.

I want my car back.
I want a real job, no more of this babysitting, gift basket making, craft classes stuff.
I want a more comfortable bed.
I want to wear normal clothes.
and perfume!
and high heels whenever I want.
I want to go to Kroger at 1am just because.
I want to have family within driving distance.
I want to be able to call my family from my cell phone when I'm in the store and have a question.
I want my friends!
I want America. end of story.

maybe I need to find that Bob Marley music playing reggae bus again.


Lea Liz said...

Oh girl I bet you do!! It's okay to complain and vent!!!!!

Ashley said...

I'm sorry you've had a hard day. I'm having an extra crappy day myself. I'm sorry if I was grumpy at the board meeting this morning :( Hope you feel better soon. If not, I have chocolate at my house. You can come over and we'll dream of America.

amber said...

<3 you will be home soon and you will miss Grenada I promise. except all the sweating. and i will send you packages when i go home. packages of america!

Cat said...

Just read both of your posts. Keep your chin up. I'm with you. I heard Jonathan's voice for the first time in 6 days last night. We usually just text or e-mail. And, I know it will get worse with the MD part. I know God will bless you for the sacrifice for being such a good wife and such a good support. You're almost there - just through the end of the year and you'll be able to set up house somewhere in the states!


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