Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Mom is coming!!

I am so excited to have my mom visit.
I've never had my mom come to a place that is all mine and actually like "host" her.  In college I was sharing all those places with other people and in West Virginia I was living in my sister's basement... not the same. lol.

My sweet, wonderful landlord is letting us use the apartment beneath us for FREE.
I'll probably end up sending Lee downstairs to sleep and hanging out here with my mom, unless I tire her how too much and she's asleep by 8pm. which is likely.

I have the whole week planned out. even more so than I'll describe here. haha

Tuesday pm - Mom arrives (and the awesome lady I babysit for is picking her up from the airport for me:)
Wednesday - breakfast. catch up. explore Grand Anse. beach. lunch at the Owl. Limes.  dinner. Bingo at Prickly Bay.
Thursday - breakfast. walk around LAE.  University Club pool.  Limes.  dinner and relax at home.
Friday -  La Sagesse Beach with SOs.  dinner at Aquarium
Saturday -  downtown St. George's -  Carenage, fort. market. churches. smoothies. dinner at home
Sunday -  tour SGU campus. church . lunch at Umbrellas. beach. dinner at home.
Monday - pool or beach if she wants.  Queen Elizabeth Home.
Tuesday - around the island we will go!  and a stop at Belmont Plantation and maybe Sauteurs. Limes (if we make it back in time... but it's field day. I can skip, right?) dinner at home.
Wednesday - she leaves :( wwwwwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

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Kevin and Julie's Blog said...

aw so much fun. My mom is coming here later this month!


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