Tuesday, March 1, 2011

REACH Grenada

I am so excited to announce that I will be the on-site coordinator for REACH Grenada's Stuff Your Rucksack program!
Please visit the links to find out more about it and possibly support the programs!!

It's not really that big of a responsibility, but I am so happy to be on board and to be apart of their great programs.
I did this job a little bit over Christmas break while their current coordinator (and my friend) Jessi was off-island.

What it is, people who are visiting Grenada on vacation and are smart enough and/or take the initiative to say "Hey I'd not only like to go to Grenada and lay on the beach but I'd like to help improve the community while I'm there!"
So they contact REACH and let them know when they are coming and I will email them and let them know what types of things are needed - school supplies, clothing, books, and other hard-to-get-in-Grenada things.  Then once they arrive in Grenada I'll arrange to meet up with them at their hotel and pick up the supplies and/or go with them to the particular home that they wish to visit. 

They also arrange Voluntourism trips.  People would book a trip to Grenada through REACH and not only spend time touring the island and vacationing, but they would also be assigned to a particular project to work on one or two days of their trip!  Last trip there were 7 families that were involved and they did things like planted an organic vegetable garden, organized and painted a library for the orphanage, updated bathrooms, and painted. 
What a great experience and lesson to teach your kids, right??
I will be helping with this as well and I am so excited!

It's such a great opportunity, not only just to improve the lives of Grenadian children, but also it will look nice on a resume, don't you think :)

So PLEASE if you know anyone visiting Grenada let them know about REACH and tell them to stuff their rucksack!


Grenada Holidays said...

You have really good intentions. You're so awesome. I spend luxury Grenada holidays and never did any volunteering. I would maybe get involved next time.

Crystal said...

Just wanted to let you know you have a new reader! I've been reading "An Embarassment of Mangoes", which is set partly in Grenada. It sounded so beautiful that I checked 20sb to see if there were any bloggers near there and found you! I've had fun reading about your journey thus far!


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