Monday, February 7, 2011

Work Boat Regatta

This weekend on Grand Anse Beach was the work boat regatta!
I actually went last year and didn't realize it.  I just went to the beach on Independence Day and thought that they brought out the boats for the festivities, haha.

It is so fun to see the boats race & all the different colors! 

 My Grenada bathing suit!


-STEPHANIE said...

Hi Kelsey,
I found your blog through my friend Julie. My husband and I are in the UK right now, but he will be a Term 3 in Grenada in June. I love looking at all your posts. Makes me look forward to being in Grenada sooo much!

Grenada Holidays from ITC Classics said...

Wow.. those boats are cool.The beach is amazing. You've got a really nice blog. I love seeing how you spend your Luxury Grenada Holidays


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