Monday, February 7, 2011

Independence Day!!

Happy 37th Birthday Grenada!!

We celebrated the day off by going to the pool in the morning & to the National Cricket Stadium this afternoon for a parade! 
It was very cool to see!  The military, a band, and few groups of children (Girl Guides & Boy Scout/Guides I think) marched.  The Venezuelan Army were there as well. 
We got to see the Prime Minister and Governor General (who is is their spokesperson to the Queen)
And this was our first time in the National Stadium!  I really want to go to a cricket match this spring!

We only stayed for a couple hours, it was a little boring, lots of speeches and slow moving.  But it was so fun to see everyone's outfits!!  I love how everyone wears their nation's colors proudly!
If only everyone dressed this way at the Memorial Day Parade and 4th of July!! haha... well I do, but if everyone did I wouldn't look so awkward.
I couldn't miss out on this opportunity to dress up either, so I went to the parade fully decked in my Grenadian best!

 The Prime Minister's escort

 friends at the parade!

 everyone at the parade!

The military & others

 Outside of the national stadium

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Kevin and Julie's Blog said...

aw I love your outfit!! So cute!


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