Sunday, February 6, 2011

Ant Bully

I am an ant bully.
I didn't use to be.  I used to have the motto "Ants are clean bugs"
(if they're even bugs... I've always been confused by the insect, bug, fly, bee -categorizing thing)

but here in Grenada ants are a whole different story. 
if I leave a crumb on the counter it will be devoured in 5 seconds by a little army of ants.
and they don't just come around when there's food.... they're in the bathroom, the bedroom, in the middle of living room hanging out.
there are different kinds of ants too.  really tiny brown ones, really fast big black ones, average black ones, and then there's the biting kind that live on the beach.
I sweep ants out the door about 10 times a day and sponge up the counter ants about 5 times. 

Today I was super frustrated with the ants so I looked up natural remedies!

First I soaked a sponge in apple cider vinegar and washed the door frames and the floor in front of the door with it. 
Then I sprinkled black pepper on the floor around the front and back door. 

It smelled interesting for a while, but no ants have made their way in, in a couple of hours!

anyone else have a natural ant killing remedy??

1 comment:

Cat said...

I have heard of the black pepper thing before (and that it works!) Hope the creepy crawley critters don't get you :)

And yes, Ethan is J's roomie. He's so sweet!


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