Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Discovery Train!

On Saturday the SOs went on the Discovery Train through the town of St. George's!
It was a lot of fun and an interesting perspective of a town that I've been to dozens of times.

The train leaves from the Esplande  Mall in dowtown St. George's.  It only runs on days that a cruise ship is in port (b/c who else is going to ride it, and they can make big bucks off tourists!)
I was told that it was $40EC or $15US per person to take the tour, which includes entrance to the National Museum (& that's a whole nother blog post)
But the SOs were able to rent out the entire train for $400EC, so it ended up only being $13EC about $5US per person! 

I would recommend this to a visitor in Grenada, but not someone who lives here... I didn't see anything that I hadn't already seen before. 

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