Tuesday, January 11, 2011

learning process

So I really, really love picnik, as I'm sure anyone who is friends with me on facebook or has read my blog can tell :)
and I love doing blog headers. I'm working my way up to figuring out how to do the WHOLE blog design thing.... but I need to brush up on my html skills a bit.

I've had a few friends ask me to make them blog layouts & it's so much fun!

Last night I was working on one & just couldn't get picnik to do what I wanted it to do (and aside from picnik my only other editing options are Windows Live Photo Gallery- which is really, really good for basic editing adjustments, and... paint. does paint even count??) 
I used to have picasa and it was good for creating collages but I didn't like it much other wise..... but I decided to re-download it last night just so I could overlap some images the way I wanted to
and to my surprise Picasa and Picnik had joined forces!!!  yay!!

and this was the result
a blog header for Lea Liz
She wanted a girly design, but a little bit boyish because she is the mother of adorable two year old Brody Luke.  She didn't have a title in mind so I came up with this :

Check out her blog to see more about Lea & her cute little family!
& my layout, duh.

1 comment:

Lea Liz said...

I love it! Thank you again so much!!
I follow your blog but for some reason your updates don't always appear so that is why I am just now seeing all these!


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