Tuesday, January 25, 2011

doin a little disco dance

Today was our first day back to our Limes After School Program for the term!

Frustrated by busing complications, my spirits were instantly lifted when I came into view of the field and had about a dozen children swarm me.  I literally almost fell over and crushed a few. 
of course we had our bumps along the way...
2 time outs, 3 sent home, and no cookies for good behavior handed out... not too out of the ordinary.
but I'd say it was a pretty successful day.  we had 8 volunteers. EIGHT! ah it was so great to have that much help!

we tested out my new idea of stations.  crafts, games, homework, and circle time.
it went pretty well, and I got to use my new whistle when it was time to rotate. 

but the most amazing thing was......... drum roll please.
we got our building back!!!

Limes is no longer homeless!!!
We can start having classes in the Dynamite Disco tomorrow!!!!

It will be so amazing to have a roof, and chairs, and tables.

A few of us are going over early to clean out the space and organize our supplies. 
I have never been so happy to clean. for real.

Can you believe I am so happy about this building??  a dirty, concrete room with no window screens/bars... and a naked lady painted on the wall? (will have to make sure she's covered up before class)  yep. 


Sarah D said...

What wonderful news!! So happy to hear this :)

Kevin and Julie's Blog said...

Happy to hear there are more volunteers! I hope I get the chance to work with these kids! Yay for getting a building!!

Kensi said...

yay! that is awesome that you have the building back finally!! And I hope the volunteer numbers stay up the whole term!

TiffanyClark said...

Kels, that is awesome! I am so excited for you guys and the new building! I also love your new blog layout! Did you make it?


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