Thursday, January 27, 2011

oh me.

I've been searching my email and facebook messages for a particular email... and in the process have come across some pretty interesting stuff!

this is a favorite if mine... a fb message I sent to Lee July 24, 2009.  Less than a month before our wedding, & right after we found out about Grenada... before he was even accepted!!

"the list of things to bring is never ending........... where am i supposed to fit my shoes?? we have to take soooooooo much stuff!! and where are we living? on campus??? and how are we going to live? off loans??? how are we going to eat? ugh i'm stressed out......... we have to live with molly and save money because we're going to be poor to the max in grenada.

but i love you & i'm still a tiny bit excited about this....... i just wonder how long it's going to be until i have a house that's ours and i can decorate b/c i can't even take cute stuff to grenada with me! what am i going to wear there????? are you going to think less of me if i have to re-wear things allllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll the time?"

and this one

"Hey, I found this blog of a girl who's husband is going to school there and i've been reading it for about the past hour and half straight..... i went back and read the stuff from their first couple months there......... oooooo geez. from what it sounds like she does tons and tons of cool stuff with the SOs and goes out to lunch and the beach and hiking and her husband is in class till 5 everyday & studies until midnight in the library, so she only sees him in the morning and after midnight....... yikes!
if you go to it & go to the bottom to August there are pictures of their apartment... and it's tiny, and there is no couch or stove. but it looks nice.
you should read it... but i will admit it is making me nervous.
she said everyone is very casual and no one wears makeup and blah blah blah... mark my words baby... i will still wear make up. really really good water proof make up. =)"

I should win an award for most the dramatic, shallow, craziest person ever.
but in my defense I was about to get married & had my fiance spring moving to an unknown tropical island on me!

I will say that I am content with the amount of shoes I have in Grenada, only semi depressed about re-wearing the same clothes all the time, and I have continued to wear make up everyday!
I also love our little apartment, it does feel like a home, and I was able to smuggle a few 'cute' things in to decorate.
& the stuff about me doing tons of cool stuff with the SOs while Lee studies the entire day is 100% true.
and we are poor, but we do eat.


Kensi said...

haha! you're doing better than me because I only wear makeup on Sundays! And I'm glad you guys do

Kevin and Julie's Blog said...

Ha this is funny! I am determined to still wear makeup when I get there, we will see if I stick to that!


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