Thursday, December 16, 2010


and by splurge I mean.... buying extra groceries :)

today Lee and I went to the grocery and he acted just like my Dad!! he said "its Christmas! get it!"
haha... I think I've told him how much fun we have at the grocery with my Dad enough times that he thinks its a great tradition to carry on :)
unfortunately we live in Grenada and our splurging capabilities are limited.

so we bought:
a 2l of pop, which we haven't bought in months. iga brand of mountain dew of course
chocolate chips for cookies (they're expensive...)
M&Ms to put in cookies
tons and tons of flour for baking
tons of butter (lots of baking going on around here)
parchment paper (b/c the gas oven is not my friend)
the jumbo log of cream cheese
2 packages of chicken and 2 pkgs of beef (!! lol)
2 different kinds of pitas for spinach dip for a party tomorrow night!
and whole gallon of milk!

not much of a splurge, huh?
I need to take better advantage of the "it's Christmas!" thing

we did get a smoothie on the way home though
banana peanut butter
deliciousness in a cup
it's more like a milk shake and less like a smoothie
the best smoothie by far is still watermelon or cantaloupe. 

and when we got home I baked two loaves of pumpkin bread, pumpkin cookies, and peanut butter chocolate chip cookies!!
the sugar cookie dough is made and in the fridge to roll out tomorrow!  I'm so excited to spend tomorrow night decorating cookies!  hopefully my homemade icing turns out :/
still on the docket are chocolate chip cookies, banana bread, and oatmeal cookies. 
and whatever else I think of.


Amanda said...

The girls and I are going to start our baking this weekend. They are having a gingerbread house-decorating party on Tuesday with their friends!

Amber said...

I have a decent sugar cookie icing recipe, I can message it to you if you want/need :) good luck!

Trevor Allen said...

Hey Kelsey!

I'm so glad that there's someone I know who has to spend Christmas away from home as well... and also who has to deal with expensive outrageous prices on things that normally would not be such a big deal to get back at home.

We are suffering through the Christmas season well enough here in Peru. Hey did you know that I started another blog called "The Handicapped Kitchen" it's basically a cooking blog concerning recipes that are difficult to get through here because we literally have a handicapped kitchen and don't have everything we normally would. :(

I hope you have a Merry Christmas! I miss you guys!

Emily said...

You need to read my most recent post! I plan on doing a lot of baking too (maybe trying to do too much, we shall see). It's fun though! And I plan on making my cookie dough ahead of time, too so that I can get right to the rolling and baking when I'm ready on Tuesday night. :)


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