Thursday, December 16, 2010


Lee and I are totally in the wrong roles.

 I should be the "breadwinner" for this family
and he should be home cooking and cleaning and probably raising our future children.

 Last Friday ended finals (yea!! and of course he did amazing)  so I am being thrown back in to the world of actually having a husband again... and it's great!!!

I have been babysitting everyday this week about 6 hours a day (at the pool and beach mostly so no complaints here... and we could use some money around Christmas)
While I'm out babysitting Lee has been home alllll day, because lets face it he'd rather never go anywhere.  He's been catching up on a few shoes and playing video games and basically giving his brain a much, much needed break

One day I came home to ALL the laundry washed and folded , dishes done, dinner cooked, AND he baked cookies!!  The man has never baked in his life.
maybe he was bored
but I don't care, I could get used to this!!

Unfortunately with his chosen career path I doubt he'll be helping out around the house quite as much in the future.
but that doesn't mean that I always have to stay home and deal with it either, right??
as soon as I'm not in a foreign country where I'm not allowed to work I will be getting a job & hiring a housekeeper.  or at least investing in a dishwasher and having some kids to take over the chores :)

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