Friday, December 17, 2010


I babysit one of the sweetest little boys.
he's 4
and a genius
and so much fun

we usually spend our time talking about very complicated maters dealing with recycling, demolition, trucks, machinery, trains... you know all of those things I know nothing about, but Oliver knows everything.

he is so smart. and he should be with a scientist father and a creative, writer for a mother.
but he's not so smart that he's not cute you know... he talks soooo cute and says things so funny

and he's like a fish in the water.  we like to go to the pool a lot.  the other day after we had spent a day at the pool I asked him what his favorite part was and he said "hugging you" haha!
after he would swim the entire length of the pool I would be kinda be hovering over him to see if he needed help & he'd jump on me and give me a big bear hug :)

Here are some more adorable things he said recently :

Me - what is your Daddy's name??
O- daddy
Me - no his other name
O - oh, Dr. Sobering!

Me- are you excited about going to NYC for Christmas!?
O- yea.... but I'd really like to go to Paris.  (he was born in Paris, but hasn't been there since he was a baby... but talks about it alll the time!!)

I'm a dog! want to see me walk on 3 legs??

I'm starving cold!!!

Thanks Kelsey!! You're the best person ever!! (after I got him a truck off the top shelf)

O- How old is your husband Lee?
Me - 23
O- AND you're 23!! Mommies and Daddies are the same age!!

Kelsey, you're 23, and on your birthday you'll be 24.... that's not so old.

O- we're on an airplane
Me - where are we going??
O- Canada!
Me- really? where in Canada?
O- there's only 1 city in Canada Kelsey.

 we like to make stuff too
this is a trans steamer or something like that.

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Lea Liz said...

What a cutie Pie!! He says some of the cutest things and I bet he keeps you very entertained!!!


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