Sunday, November 21, 2010

Why we were made

This morning in church we talked about why we were made.  Why does God even need or want people??

Jimmy made some really good points about how a lot of people say we were made to worship... which is true, but God isn't so narcissistic that, that is the reason for which we were created.  We show God that we love him by worshiping him.

He compared God creating us to humans having children.  You have children because you want something to love, you want to pass on your knowledge and heritage... not because we need to populate the earth anymore, that's already been accomplished.
We are God's children.

and he talked about what you were made to do.  He said he believes God's plan is for him to be a doctor... so when he came to Grenada he was just focusing on studying and becoming a doctor and all the good he would do once he was a doctor... but that's about 10 years of your life, so while you're focusing on the 'someday' a lot could be happening right now.  You can serve God anywhere you are in life, whether you're a doctor or an unemployed housewife...  :)

That's really what I needed to hear... I've been 'searching' a lot lately about what I'm supposed to be doing... and I'm kinda the opposite.  I'm happy with where I am now, but I'm already thinking about next year and the years that Lee is in clinicals and residency when I NEED a job in order for us to survive...
how do I make a living out of loving Jesus and helping people?  I didn't go to school for ministry or missions... but that's ok. 

There was a girl who came to speak to our class in college who worked at Abercrombie and Fitch's main office.  a very liberal, somewhat risque (ads) clothing company... she was a designer for them.  and people asked her all the time how she could work for such a place and with those type of people and she said that she felt that Abercrombie was her mission field.   Jesus said to go unto all people and be a light in the world.... so why not be a light in the fashion world? Some one has to do it.

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