Sunday, November 21, 2010

busy week!

ah I have a lot going on this week!!

Yesterday was the Limes Beach Day... this needs an entire post dedicated to it for sure.

Today I collected money at church again and it went soooooooooo well!!

Tomorrow I have an SO board meeting and am going downtown to buy shoes for the Limes kids!! and we have Limes, and I have a kickball game- we made the semi finals in the playoffs! what!?

Tuesday I am meeting with someone from the REACH Grenada program about doing a partnership with the SOs and we are going to Queen Elizabeth Home

Wednesday the SO board is having lunch together to celebrate the end of the term drawing near... and then we have the BIG SHOE GIVEAWAY at Limes that afternoon!!! and it's the end of term sale for Med students and I will be collecting donations of things they can't sell... and I might be babysitting that night and if I'm not I'm going to the movies with some friends

Thursday - THANKSGIVING!! I'm having a Macy's Day Parade watching and Christmas Craft making party at my house in the morning... then Limes... then going to my friend Chris' to have dinner with a bunch of people from our church.

Friday - End of term sale for the SOs and Bake Sale for Queen Elizabeth Home! and I might be babysitting that night!

and I have to find time to clean our apartment and make stuff for the party AND cook for Thanksgiving dinner!

and Lee has a final this week.
pure chaos.

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