Thursday, November 18, 2010


I've noticed that I've started saying a few things a little more Grenadian... especially around the kids

The other day I wanted to know how old some of the kids were and without even thinking I said "How many years do you have??"

when one shows up late for class I noticed I've been saying "Why are you just now reaching?"

and when passing people on the sidewalk I've become much better at saying "afternoon" instead of hi!

I can understand the kids much, much better now... but sometimes I still struggle and have to ask them to repeat themselves a million times.
But they're used to it and usually spell things out for me! haha

Yesterday at Limes it started raining for about a minute & the kids started saying a little phrase "Rain falling, sun shining, and jakjdalkdjalkdjalsjas"
I asked them a hundred times what they were saying....
turns out a Grenadian saying is "Rain falling, sun shining, and donkeys getting married"

who even knows what it means... I tried to convince them to change it ot "rain falling, sun shining, and rainbows forming" or something like that... but no, they'll stick with donkeys.

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