Tuesday, November 16, 2010


Today for some reason I really want to have a child.  not a baby. a kid.
maybe even a middle school-er.

I keep seeing things on TV and people's stuff on facebook and my heart has been tugging a little.

There is a commercial on every Christmas.  I think it's for coffee of some kind and the big brother comes home from Africa & he gives his sister a little box or something, but she sticks the bow on him and says "you're my present this year"
it is completely cheesy and on any other day I roll my eyes at it.... but today I thought, wow I can't wait to have kids and have them love each other.
isn't that weird.
it didn't make me think of my own siblings (whom I love) but it made me want to have kids so they can be siblings to each other. lol.
wouldn't it be heart breaking if your children didn't love each other.
 I want to have sons so they can love me the way my brothers love my mom.  a whole slue of boys!
and go to their football games and think that no girl will ever be good enough for them.

and if I have all girls... well then I'll go shopping and KNOW that no boy ever will be good enough.  my Dad always said all boys as wolves, and it's true.


Anonymous said...

I think you mean a "slew" instead of "slue".

-Kelsey said...

n & vb
a variant spelling (esp US) of slew

Anonymous said...

I think that's great Kelsey! And I think it's weird that someone is anonymously (and incorrectly) commenting on your grammar of all things.


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