Monday, November 15, 2010

$10 covers 10 little toes

I've been talking about Limes on here a lot lately... but that is pretty much my life here in Grenada, so that is what I have to talk about.

I am SO excited about this!

$10 covers 10 little toes is a slogan I came up with for CSA (Christian Student Association)
the church agreed to buy all my Limes kids a pair of shoes  (!!!) but we wanted to get the church involved more & not just give away a chunk of money and no one knowing what was going on.

So Lee came up with the idea to ask the members to give $10 towards a pair of shoes & say that every $10 they give the church will make up the difference for a pair of shoes for a needy kid in the community. 

I should note that it's $10EC so it's only about $4 US

I announced this yesterday morning & the response was incredible!! everyone was happy and willing to donate to the cause and most much more than $10!  We already beat our goal and we will be collecting next week as well (because this week none of the 5th term students were at church b/c they were busy taking an 8hour exam)

I passed out little cards to remind people to pray for the kids as well, which they need even more than they need shoes.
We are planning to have the big shoe give away next Wednesday the 24th, right before Thanksgiving and we may even have enough money to buy the kids a pair of school shoes and a pair of flip flops!  I am so excited!!


Amanda said...

Kels, that is awesome! You are doing great things in Grenada!

Ashley said...

You are amazing! This is awesome.


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