Wednesday, November 24, 2010

so much to blog about so little time!

note to self:
do not plan the following events all with in the course of a week

1. Limes Beach Day
2. Buying 80 pairs of shoes
3. kickball playoffs
4. Having a huge shoe giveaway
5. organizing a donation drive for unwanted items and collecting said items and storing them at your 300sq ft apartment
6. a Macy's Day Parade watching/ Christmas Craft Party at your house
7. cooking a ridiculous amount of stuff I don't normally make.
9. a Bake Sale
10. an end of term sale/donation collecting
11. End of term social event for all SOs
12.  PAM BBQ Fundraiser
14. all while continuing to run an after school program and visiting the orphanage
15. and while maintaining normal duties such as dishes, grocery shopping, cleaning, laundry, and cooking.
16. oh and an SO board meeting and a meeting with REACH Grenada!

AND! while my husband has a medical school final!! and is in charge of organizing a farewell dinner for 5th term members of CSA on this Saturday!!

but no complaints... everything so far is going great!!!  just a little busy.

and I'm getting ready to go to the movies with some friends and take a break!  I don't even know what the movie is playing.... I just want to sit in the air-conditioning (I forgot to mention that for the past month Lee and I haven't once used the AC and we currently only have 1 working fan) and eat popcorn and drink some orange fountain pop :)

but I'm already starting to feel guilty about Lee's birthday kind of being pushed to the way side... it's on Saturday..... and I have to work at the SO closing social and go to the PAM BBQ.... while he goes to the CSA farewell dinner :( we won't even get to spend much time together!!  we are planning on watching the first half of the Ohio State game together.. and maybe Sunday we can do something nice.

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