Monday, October 11, 2010

5 years down.

Today Lee and I have officially been together as a couple for 5 whole years!!!
When we were dating we never broke up, not even for an hour, a major accomplishment for my dating record.  We made it through our year long engagement with me only giving the ring back once, and only for about 20 minutes..... and we have survived a very interesting first year of marriage, through several meltdowns!

5 years! that just seems like a lot to me.... something worth celebrating!
except he has midterms this week so I have only seen him for a brief few minutes here and there.
5 years ago we DREAMED of the day when we could live together and play house, and now reality has given us a wake up call... medical school doesn't take a break for anniversaries. not for 1yr married and not for 5yrs dating. :(

we were only 18 and 17 when we met.... first day of school our freshman year at MVNU.
and it only took him 2 months to convince me to date him.... haha. and I'm so glad I gave in!!  I was sooooo close to not giving him a chance, seriously.  Lee jokes that it took me several months after we were dating before I liked him... and a while before I loved him.  but that's not entirely true..... and when I did fall in love with him I fell hard, and knew without a shadow of doubt that he was who I wanted to spend the rest of my life with.
and I am!!! right now. this very moment.... I am spending my life with Lee Coghill.

I went up to the library after the Limes After School Program to surprise Lee with a happy 5yrs smoothie, and we sat on a bench over looking the ocean....
5 years ago, we went for a walk in the "grove" the park on our college campus and sat on a bench near the 'reflection pond' (a cement pond with a fountain) and officially became, offical :)

these pictures are from our first couple months of dating
these pictures were all taken on October 11th, our anniversary except for the 1st and last picture.
I'll have to take a picture when Lee gets home tonight...


Ashley said...

You guys are so cute! Happy Anniversary.

Sarah Dhillon said...

Congratulations you two! Love the picture collage :)

Kylee Ann said...



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