Sunday, October 10, 2010

Midterm Social

The SO organization is so fun.
we do a lot of fun activities and are always planning stuff....
I should know, I'm on the board.... more work goes into making SO life fun than you think. lol.
Thanks everyone for doing such a great job!!

Saturday was the Midterm Social.... which ironically was the weekend BEFORE Lee's midterms so he had to miss it... poor baby was locked in the library allllllllll day.
But other terms were finished with their midterms so it worked for some and not for all.

It was at Le Phare Blue
I had never been before so it is always fun to explore a new place....
As much fun as we had, I was not so impressed with Le Phare Blue.
Their pool was tiny, the food was okay (granted I did get pizza, lol), and the beach was disgusting.
It's built on a marina, so there isn't a lot of water movement so the beach is full of reeds and other gross stuff. not ideal for swimming.
We of course made our own fun by taking pictures and exploring.  There were WAY too many kids to enjoy the pool much.  Don't get me wrong, I LOVE children.... I just don't enjoy children splashing and screaming and their parents not watching them.... I don't like to play lifeguard. unless it's my brothers pool and they're all my nieces..... haha and then I don't love it.

Here are some pictures :)

there is a restaurant on this boat.... supposedly a really nice, expensive one
Thank you SOO for lunch!


Cat@BudgetBlonde said...

Naturally I have the same bathing suit! So cute. I thought it looked a little vintage myself which is why I got it :)))

Nick said...

I discovered this place only on the last day of my visit 10/01/2011, while killing some time before heading to the airport. I did not venture in. I have to make it a priority next visit.


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