Tuesday, September 28, 2010

This is Grenada. still

Today I was reminded that I live in a very odd place....
I went to KFC (there is a KFC here! lol)  I have only been to the KFC twice before, once to see if they had biscuits (and they do!!) and once for some orange fountain pop!
Today my friend Chris and I were in St. George's and she needed to feed her baby and I wanted some french fries.... so we went into KFC (and it has AC!)
They have ads all over for their new snack wraps or whatever...a wrap and a drink for $7EC! that's a great deal..... the only good deal I've ever seen here.
I politely ask the lady behind the counter if I could have a wrap without dressing. no sauce. plain. and she looks at me weird and says no.... that is how it's made. 
and I say, oh do they come pre-made??
no we put them together.
so..... is it just a plain chicken strip that you put in a wrap with dressing and lettuce?
so can you just  skip the step where you put the dressing on?
no. it comes with ranch, bbq, or caesar.
ok....... but I just want the chicken and the wrap. no dressing.
no- it comes with lettuce and dressing and cheese.
ok, but I'll pay the same, you'll be saving ingredients.  save the lettuce, cheese, and dressing. it's actually less work to just put the plain chicken on the wrap. skip the other steps.
no that is not how it comes.... (& she's kind of laughing at me at this point.)
ugh. nevermind. I'll have fries and a biscuit...

seriously. that was our conversation. 
I had a similar issue when I went to a fast food place in Germany and asked for a hamburger with nothing on it. a plain hamburger. impossible.
but they didn't understand because they didn't speak English. 
people in Grenada speak English. sort of.
that is the reason why I spend an entire 2 weeks in Europe eating only french fries because I was sooooooo darn picky that I couldn't possibly try something new or order something plain. not that I am that much less picky now..... I still like my food plain.
why put so much on a chicken sandwich anyway?? it just covers up the chicken flavor. I like the way chicken tastes on its own.


Ashley said...

LOL. I've had that exact conversation with someone here. Hilarious!

Kensi said...

too funny. yes, I'm reminded of that every now and again too. sorry you couldn't get your wrap plain! But hey, that does sound like the only deal I've ever heard of here!

Amanda said...

Ha Ha! Edwin and I got a kick out of your KFC experience.

You really missed out in Germany on the food, its is all so GOOD!


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