Monday, September 20, 2010

busy bee

I like to stay busy.
especially here.
So I thought I'd give you an example of a typical week for me, well this week actually.

  • Breakfast & laundry (if it's a sunny day so I can hang it on line)
  • Packed Lee a lunch b/c he was already at school studying & was staying for the afternoon
  • Church -take 10:15 bus to campus & 12:30 bus back typically, but missed bus to church and walked to Texaco all sweaty & got a ride to school with a student who felt sorry for me.
  • Finished church at 12, sold tickets for Wii Olympics afterward &/or took donations, money goes to Pakistan flood victims (Doctors without boarders) 
  • Lee and I walked down to Mocha Jumby for smoothies 
  • Met Alfonso and Christina for free yoga class 
  • Yoga - 2-3
  • Beach Volleyball 3-4
  • Took bus home to shower & get ready to babysit
  • Babysat 5-7
  • Dinner 
  • TV, facebook, skype
  • Bed at 10.
  •  Wake up 7:30
  • Breakfast & laundry (if sunny or if didn't do it day before)
  • SO Board Meeting 9:30-11
  • Grocery store for Limes snack with Amber
  • Gittens pharmacy with Alfonso and Amber
  • picnic lunch 
  • beach for a swim
  • prepare snack for limes
  • Limes 3-5 
  • Dinner and Dishes
  • Put laundry away, clean apt
  • TV, facebook, & skype 
  •  Meet SOs at 8:30am for Mt. Carmel waterfalls hike
  • Hike/swim 9-12
  • 1:00 home for lunch, shower & rest
  • 2:35 bus to campus to meet for orphanage
  • Queen Elizabeth Home 3-5
  • Home for another shower
  • Dinner, dishes, cleaning =blah 
  • Tuesday is Biggest Loser and Teen Mom night! 
  • bed afterwards
  • Wake up early 
  • Breakfast & laundry 
  • Meet Alfonso at Hubbards to buy seeds for my future garden!!
  • back to my house to prepare seeds & garden (alfonso is an expert gardener)
  • Lunch 
  • prepare snack & juice for Limes
  • 2:35 bus to texaco 
  • Limes 3-5
  • home for shower
  • dinner
  • TV, facebook, skype
  • bed around 10
  • wake up early
  • breakfast
  • meet friends to snorkel at Magazine Beach (and hope for no waves or rain!)
  • snorkel/swim 9-12
  • Bus home for shower
  • prepare snack for Limes 
  • Bus at 2:35 to texaco
  • Limes 3-5
  • grocery store 
  • dinner 
  • bake for the SO bake sale 
  • The office, community, and project runway
  • bed
  •  Clean up as much as possible
  • Take 9:05 bus to campus
  • prepare for SO Bake Sale for Limes
  • Bake Sale 10-2 
  • Go to Alfonso's to help him prepare for Mexican night dinner 
  • Hang out with Lee & friends at mexican night
  • eat meatless mexican food (Alfonso is a vegetarian)
  • Intramural kickball game  5:15-6:15
  • Babysit Oliver 7-9:30 or so
  • go home and crash.
  • Enjoy Saturday morning with Lee hopefully 
  • OSO Beach day with the kids from the orphanage 10-12
  • home for lunch
  • say goodbye to Lee for rest of day so he can study :(
  • get things done around the house, that didn't get done all week.... mop floors, clean bathroom, all that.
  • then do nothing or possibly babysit again.
ah. i'm already tired thinking about it!

1 comment:

Amanda said...

The good thing is every single thing you have to do, is something you CHOOSE to do. Enjoy it all! You'll never get these chances again!


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