Thursday, September 16, 2010

100th Post!!!!

I cannot believe it's already been 100 posts!!!
and in honor of the event I am giving away a prize to everyone who reads this -
a free floor to sleep on if you ever visit Grenada!!!!
I would probably even buy you an air mattress!!!
flights are cheap in January :)

Yesterday was on of those "top 10 days" as my Dad would say....(I miss him & his weird little sayings btw)
It was a perfect day. perfect weather. perfect company.

The SOs went up to La Sagesse (pronounced La Sa-jess) to the beach and it was the most beautiful, secluded little cove with palm trees providing shade.  The water was warm with just the right amount of waves.  A lot of the time I feel like the water here is too calm.  I like to bob up and down with the waves every once in a while.
I would guess about 20 some SOs went and it was a lot of fun.

the only not fun part was feeling car sick and being late getting home and having to literally run around the house to get to Limes on time... but it was worth it & we ended up having a great day at Limes.  I just love those children so much.. I wish there was more I could do to help them and I am  going to be so so so so sad to leave them next year... I hope they all stay on the right track and make something of themselves!! ah if only I could take them all home with me.  Yesterday we had 40 kids come, that is the biggest group we've had so far this term.
We talked about littering and what it meant and why it is wrong... and then I divided them up into 4 teams and we had a competition to see who could find the most trash.
I was surprised how much the kids got involved and enjoyed this!  Today they wanted to pick up more trash and clear the rocks out of the way!! Hopefully we can instill in them that it is wrong to litter and Grenada is too beautiful of a country to just ruin!!! There is also the issue of no recycling here what-so-ever, but that is a whole different story....
We collected 7 grocery sacks FULL of trash from the field we play in (about the size of a soccer field) ridiculous!!  We awarded the kids with a couple M&Ms each and it was so funny b/c NONE of them knew what M&Ms were! they didn't' want them until I explained it was chocolate. lol. 
This term we are partnering with Women in Medicine to do a special series 2 times a month for the girls of Limes to talk about girl issues and what it means to be a girl and respecting yourself.  I'm really excited!  So 3 of the girls from WIM came out to Limes yesterday to see how it works and get a feel for the kids and one of them was so kind to offer their M&Ms as a prize (so thank you!!)
After the trash clean up Mr. Alfonso played a game of kickball with the kids while I made the sandwiches for snack b/c I had ran out of time because I went to the beach.  I was sitting on the ground, barefoot (b/c they were using my shoes as bases for kickball) making corned beef (barf) sandwiches on a cinder block...... hahaha if you had told me that I would ever be doing such a thing I wouldn't have believed you.
Snack is one of the most important parts of Limes, to me anyway, you can just tell that a lot of these kids are just so hungry!! and they love corned beef! craziness. luckily yesterday I bought two loaves of bread so there was plenty of snack for everyone who showed up!
The winners of the competition!! They were a little excited :)

I wish every single SO would come out to Limes at least once while they are here and experience an afternoon with these kids and the need there is for help and just get to have fun and play!!
Try it, you'll like it! :)

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