Tuesday, June 22, 2010

24 hours.

Canada (and definitely Grenada for that matter) has not caught on to America's 24 hour craze.

In America we have 24 hour everything.

midnight and you need a prescription filled?
1am and you need gas?
2am and you want a hamburger?
3am and you want to buy some new pants?
4am and you want to workout?
5am breakfast?

no problem!!

The mall in Newmarket closes at 6pm on a SATURDAY. who does that??
Their Wal-mart isn't even 24hrs.... can you imagine a Wal-mart being closed any time other than Christmas?
The most of the grocery stores close at 9... except maybe Metro, it might be 24 hrs....

& in Grenada (which understandably it is a 3rd world country) everything closes early except the bars... even the gas stations, which if I had a car would matter to me...

I went through a phase in Grenada where I thought it was fun and an adventure to go to 3 different grocery stores (walking several blocks in between) looking for something for dinner, usually chicken breasts...
I even said to Lee once "convenience is boring"
and then I'd snap out of it and long for a Wal-mart or Kroger

and then once I set foot back in North America and saw all the abundance and excess it was wonderful! and then now I'm thinking it's unnecessary.
the food in 1 Kroger could feed all the hungry people in Grenada for like a month! 

Isn't crazy that there are such extremes in this world? and Grenada isn't even that bad compared to other places in this world...

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