Sunday, June 20, 2010

still here.

I guess I'll do another "Canadian" post
things I've noticed and such... perhaps this is an Ontario or Toronto Area post, because the more I hear and read about Vancouver the nicer it sounds and the more I wish that if I'm stuck in Canada I were there instead.... and Canada is huge, so I doubt its the same everywhere...

  •  There are double the amount of dogs in the US than people in Canada. they only have about 33 million people... which is why there are so many different nationalities, bring on the immigrants to populate this place! 
  • 80% of the population lives within 155 miles of the US border
  • They don't say candy bar, they say chocolate bar
  • Reese Cups come in a pack of 3 instead of 2 
  • There is a store called Canadian Tire, but it's like an everything for men store. sports, camping, grilling, auto... and they give you Canadian Tire paper money when you check out that is worth like 5 or 10 cents (or more if you spend a lot I guess) but it seems like such a major waste of paper... get a frequent shoppers card like everywhere else! 
  • Other than Canadian Tire's money - they are very eco friendly... in the city you have to pay .5 cents for a shopping bag to deter people from using them.  There are recycling bins everywhere, the garbage men pick up the recycling and they have a green bin that all kinds of natural waste goes in & it's biodegradable so it doesn't end up in a land fill as well.
  • Don't order fries in a restaurant, unless it's a major fast food chain like Wendy's.... 85% of the time they're gross.  I think they are real fries made from fresh potatoes most of the time, because the skins are usually still on, but there is seriously something lacking.  They aren't crispy & just taste.... gross. maybe it's the oil they fry them in?  I have yet to be satisfied with fries.
  • speaking of Wendy's, Wendy's here doesn't have crispy chicken sandwiches!! they have the homestyle one, but not a value menu one! and their value menu isn't .99cents it's $1.39
  • there is literally a Tim Horton's on every corner.
  • if you go to it automatically re-directs you to which frustrated me to no end, until I figured out how to stop it.
  • HGTV Canada SUCKS. they have like 6 shows they show over and over, including Holmes on Homes and House of Bryan and Sarah's House.... shows I HATE. and they show Extreme Makeover all the time, ABC rip off. where is my Design Star?? Color Splash? Design on a Dime? Divine Design? Curb Appeal? The Antonio Treatment? Rate My Space? Stagers? ugh. 
  • AND you can't watch the majority of things online because the sites only work in the US. :( 
Ok that is all. As you can see I'm bored. bored bored bored.

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Sarah D said...

Kelsey... this list made me giggle! I've never thought about the Canadian Tire money like that before... but you are so right! I wish you were in Vancouver - then we could hang out and have so much fun!!!! Can you find any of your shows on or ? You might be able to find versions that aren't restricted to the US on those sites. Good luck!! Miss you!


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