Monday, May 3, 2010

Yard Sale!

I was so excited to hear that the vet school was having a yard sale! I went exactly on time and there were already hundreds of people there!! Mostly Grenadians too... I think people who work at the school heard about the sale & decided to check it out for some good cheap stuff too.... and most of the stuff is from the States so it was probably pretty cool for them.  I saw lots of teenage girls looking through the clothes.  I actually resisted the clothing.... especially since the other day I bought 5 dresses, 2 necklaces, and a pair of earrings off the post!! 5 awesome dresses!! I should take a picture of them soon... and they were so cheap!! less than $20US for all of it!  Lee and I decided I deserved it for babysitting so much the past few weeks... lol and it's been a LONG time for me to go without shopping...
But today I got some necessities at the sale... I was so loaded down I could barely make it back up the hill to our apartment... and guess what, tomorrow there is ANOTHER sale! the med school is having one too :) and not to be mean... but a lot of the vet students stuff smelled like dogs. because they all have a dog or cat or some kind of pet. but I found some nice stuff from non-pet owners!
 1US = 2.67EC  or 1EC = .37cents US
Swiffer with refill pads - 10EC
Fan - 35EC
Toaster - 10EC
Big sheet I'm going to use to cover our chairs in our apartment next term - 10EC
Rugs - 10EC & they're pretty & in excellent condition
Ice cube trays - 4EC
Cups - 5EC - we only have 4 cups we use over and over and over and these were pretty...
and... Sunglasses - 3EC! they were too cute to pass up.

I can't wait for tomorrow's sale!! I'm on the lookout for some cookie sheets, maybe a casserole dish, and computer speakers.

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