Wednesday, May 5, 2010

time is short

I only have 12 more days in Grenada before we leave for Canada....
I hope time stands still. I don't want to leave. 
This term flew by way too fast!
This is how it's going to be in a year and half when we have to leave forever......... especially because we'll have 6 months before we start the clinical rotations.... more living with family! probably in Ohio with my family though... it depends, on my job & if Lee can study there well.  He'll be spending the entire 6 months studying for the Step 1 of the USMLE (United States Medical Licensure Exam) the most important exam of his life apparently, it makes a difference in what residency he gets... and then if he decided/gets to go back to Canada he'll have to take a different exam! ggeeesh.

But I am very very excited to think about our life beyond Grenada, our life hopefully in NYC!
I am slowly convincing Lee that NYC is where we should go!! I want to live there so bad!  or New Jersey, I'm ok with Jersey, as long as we can easily get to the city..... because we more than likely won't have a car, unless I get some awesome job because by the time we're finished in Grenada the money will be sparse. and we still have to pay tuition while he's in clinicals.... and NYC will be just as expensive as Grenada, if not more.

I am rambling.

I am excited about the next 12 days though, I am cramming in as much beach/fun time as possible with my friends...
This summer I'm not really going to have friends.  I'll be in another strange place & Lee will be almost as busy working & studying... except there won't be an SO group to make friends with & I can't work there either...... I plan on running a lot and probably walking around town exploring and going to the mall to window shop & not buy. at least Lee's parents have a pool... if it's warm enough to get in it.

I am going home-home very soon!  less than 4 weeks!! and I'm planning on staying for 2 weeks, or until I miss Lee too much, if I can stay longer I will. We haven't spent a night apart since we've been married, almost 9 months! I've forgotten what it would be like to sleep alone, kinda.

ok more rambling....
I will have good updates soon, tomorrow is another snorkel / bonfire day! and today I went diving for sea urchin skeletons! so fun stuff :)

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Amanda said...

12 days is it?! At least you know you are coming back. You'll be so ready to go back. :) What are you exact days for Ohio? We want to see you but don't have any idea yet how that will work... maybe you can fly down and then ride back up with Molly?... ;) I want to come to Ohio too but don't know when/how either. My girls need their "farm life" fix before we move to Europe for 3+ years.


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