Sunday, April 18, 2010

Birthday in Grenada!

I haven't updated in quite a while... I have been really busy, I've started babysitting a few days a week for a family & there's Limes & pool day & my sweet husband & my friend Chris is having a baby (maybe today!!) & it was my birthday & I've been building a website (not for a purpose really... it's just so much fun & I love doing it so I made a website! someday soon I'll share it.... ) and then there is another obsession that recently entered my life......... Dexter. dun dun dunnnn
I can't say that I suggest the show to others -mainly for violence, nudity, and language reasons....... but other than that, it's amazing! A friend gave me the first 3 seasons to watch and I've been hooked.. every evening I can be found staring into my computer doing 1 of 3 things... covering my eyes because something scary is going on, rolling my eyes are dexter's stupid sister, or laughing b/c it's so clever.

so anyway.......... this past Tuesday I had the pleasure of celebrating my 23rd Birthday in paradise.
The day started out with a surprise on my computer, Lee left a note and a bracelet we had saw in the mall for me :)  We also had a funny moment the day before when I came home from the store with a bag of Sunchips (b/c we don't buy chips often b/c they're expensive) and 2 LLBs and I said "Look what I got us for my birthday!!" and Lee said...... "are you serious" and he goes to his closet and pulls out a bag of Sunchips and Mt Dew! hahaha he knows me so well! :) So we had lots of chips and pop!!
Lee had class & lab all day Tuesday so in the morning I went to Grand Anse Beach with Amber & Sarah (another and then we had lunch at the Owl with Michelle, Alfonso, Sonia, and Adriana.... and during lunch there was a 22 degree halo that formed around the sun!! it was incredible! Lunch was so fun and delicious and my friends here are so sweet.. they made me cards and brought a flower and bought me lunch :)

After lunch and a trip to the store I went to Adriana's because she baked me a cake!! It was the first cake she had ever made! It was so sweet of her because otherwise I would not have had cake at all!

Afterward I went home to get ready to spend time with Lee after his classes and I found another surprise on my computer!  When he came home for lunch he left a necklace I pointed out to him a few weeks before at the mall hanging on the corner of  my laptop :)

We went down to Spiceland Mall to get smoothies!!  Unfortunately I decided to try something new and ended up not liking it, Sour Sop -yuck and Lee got grapefruit... so we ended up switching.  We drank our smoothies in the field next to the mall where some local club teams were playing cricket.  I don't know anything about cricket, but it was fun to watch for a while.

We headed over to Grand Anse Beach, which is just across the street with plans to take a walk and watch the sunset... however, so after getting on the beach I realized my camera battery was dead and I really wanted to take pictures.... so we hopped on a bus and came home to get my spare battery and ended up watching the sunset from campus, which was beautiful!  Lee was so sweet even though I knew he was thoroughly frustrated with having to go home to get the battery... but it was my birthday!  We then got BACK on a bus to go to La Boulangerie for dinner.  Luckily it was a Tuesday so buses were running very frequently and we only traveled in about a 2 mile radius.

a flower Lee picked for me

It was very busy, but so fun and so memorable - and my first 'married' birthday! Hopefully Lee and I have many many many more birthdays together... but I only have 1 more in Grenada.


Kensi said...

Happy Birthday Kelsey!! I'm glad you had a fun-filled day!! :-D

Ashley said...

Glad you had such a wonderful birthday, Kelsey!

Amanda said...

The sun halo would have totally freaked me out. WHAT does that mean? Is that normal? Is it like an eclipse?! I need more info on this website...

Amber said...

yay for 22 degree halos! glad you had fun on your birthday despite the rats and the evil rocks near the boat. :)

Jay said...

You two are the cutest couple. I'm glad you had a great birthday :)


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