Sunday, March 7, 2010

Sunday Fun Day

Sundays are always fun.

this morning Lee played the guitar in the praise team at church and he did awesome!
after church I made lunch - spaghetti and cheesy garlic bread and it was so good

then I met Alfonso to go down to Grand Anse beach to snorkel for sand dollars!! and I found one!! we actually saw several but where we were was about 15 ft deep and I'm not the best diver.... by the time I get to the bottom I freak out and want to come up for air...
Once I went down for one and broke it :(
We met some local boys out in the water... one of them wanted to marry me
He was about 10 & he used the line "I'm cold.... can I have a hug?" - they teach them young here in Grenada to mack on girls on the beach.
Alfonso asked him if he had a girlfriend & he said no.... I'm going to marry her! and pointed to me.
He did dive down and get me a sand dollar, so that was sweet of him.

After snorkeling we walked down the beach to Mt. Cinnamon to play volleyball with the SOs.
I really like going on Sundays even thought I don't enjoy volleyball that much & I'm not that good at it... but everyone makes it fun and doesn't take it seriously.
Today was HOT HOT HOT out... and the sand was actually burning my feet, that is the first time it's happened to me in Grenada. but the volleyball court is off of the beach and in direct sunlight, so I guess that's why.

Trace, another SO Mike's little boy comes and hangs out with us on Sundays too.  Today he found a frangipani caterpillar and told me all about it..... and then I quite playing volleyball and we went and jumped in the ocean together because I was dying of heat stroke.
While we were swimming I asked him if he liked living in Canada (BC) or Grenada better... and he thought about it for a while and said Canada. I asked him why and he said because they won more gold medals than Grenada (obviously :) and I said... do you like the beach or the snow better?? and he said the snow! I can eat it!

and then I had some fun photographing my sand dollar


Amanda said...

Kelsey, your photography is getting better and better! What a perfect backdrop you have for EVERYTHING! :) Sand dollars will always remind me of you and the 100s we found at Port Aransas and the sunburns on the BACKS of our legs.. :) Miss you!

Oh, and my intact sand dollars are still on the look-thru in my kitchen waiting to be sprayed w/ acrylic so they "harden"...

Sveta said...

Hi! I was sondering waht editing you use? I would like to have some fun with some of pictures. :)
Grenada is soooo beaustiful!
Thank you for follwing my blog. :)


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