Saturday, February 27, 2010

Cactus Hunting.

Yesterday some friends and I went to St. George's to go to the market and mall.
actually a lot of people went, it was like an SO field trip.
Alfonso, Amber, Christina, Adriana, Sarah, Sarah, and Sarah.... there are now 3 Sarah's!
It was a lot of fun and incredibly hot.
I did manage to get a potato peeler, start fruit, yams, bananas, and earrings for my cartilage piercing, since my other one had like rusted or something... gross.
and I remained true to my vow to give up smoothies for Lent even though EVERYONE else got one. :/

Afterward I decided to go after my cacti I wanted to get..... it was an adventure.
I realized I didn't have anything to dig them up with, so I went with a..... spoon.
I was really afraid someone would see me out there digging up cacti, but luckily just some locals were out on the cliff fishing and they didn't even notice I was there. literally.
I found that baby cactus don't grow very deep roots, and they start off of a piece of an old cactus, so it wasn't too hard to dig them up. and I found some perfect little cacti that needed a new home.

I had been saving our tin cans from soup and vegetables, without actually knowing what I would do with them, and they worked perfectly for cactus. 

I ended up getting way more than I needed and Lee was like what are we supposed to do with these?! haha.... but I love them!  I'm going to sit them outside my door everyday to get some sun.
and I only got pricked once!!!


Amber said...

ha that's awesome. I wanted to dig one up when we lived in Phoenix, but the saguaro cacti were sadly illegal to take and we just never ended up finding one. I don't know what the long skinny cacti are, but the one that looks like round paddles are prickly pear I think :)

Kensi said...

Too funny! You will have to let me know how easy they are to take care of and if they survive... that would be a good project for the kids!


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